Monday, November 7, 2011

mollusk day

spent saturday in san francisco at the mollusk surfshop / dane reynolds party with the mumlers and  alex kopps' opening with tomorrows tulips (not to mention the body surfing festival at ocean beach). so fun. here are a few pics but there are more. stay tuned...
 this is tashen the youngest member of the RECESS team with his new shirt. he's 3 and he already rips. he was "dropping in" all afternoon.


  1. I'm totally jealous of Olin's new girlfriend. They have mad style. What a power couple!

  2. don't be jealous that's my friend calvin. he's a boy!

  3. haha! gender norms. killing me.

    well, boys with long hair are rad. the comment about mad style still holds and i'm still jealous.

  4. you guys rock. my husband sent me a link to your video today. how can i buy some of your art?